Happy New Year Screen Saver

Happy New Year Screen Saver 2.1

Happy New Year! This classic screensaver floats the phrase Happy New Year 2011!

This unique screen saver will let you feel well all year long.
Now you will be able to remember all those people that care about you, as well as the people that you care for. Now you can just send this screen saver to them, and make sure they receive your best wishes for the coming year.
The screen saver is very simple. It will not show you fancy animations or beautiful landscapes. It will do exactly what it says: Wish a Happy New Year.
It will show you a black screen with lines of many colors that resemble fireworks or party ornaments. Then, the sign saying Happy New Year 2009 will appear, while the sounds of fireworks and party accompany it.
You can set the duration of the sign, and the speed of the animation.
When the time is over, the sign will go out of the screen, each time in a different way. Sometimes the sign will go away on one side of the screen; sometimes it will do some movements before it disappears.
So now you are going to be able to send your best wishes to everybody you know, regardless of where they are.
Happy New Year Screen Saver will surely let you remember what you wish and what others wish to you for this next year.

Fernando Soni
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  • Pretty nice


  • It would be great if you could add your own sign
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